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"Zion Health, Wholesale Natural Beauty Products Manufacturer Simplifies Ordering Process with"

    San Francisco-based Zion Health Inc., manufacturer of wholesale natural
    skin care products, home remedies and natural treatments has joined the
    growing number of suppliers who have chosen
    to make online ordering more efficient for retailers. - more

Zion Health's Natural Skin Remedy; Adama Moisture Intense Lotions with Healing Clay and Yarrow Root for dry skin are now available at Dorothy Lane Markets in Ohio.
    Zion Health Inc.; today announces the release
     of an innovative natural clay skin care remedy; Adama Moisture Intense Lotions
     especially formulated for dry skin are now available at Dorothy Lane Markets
     in Oakwood, Washington Square and Springboro, Ohio. - more

"Zion Health Announces Launch of Innovative Whole Body Clay Detox Remedy Now Available for Purchase at Life Food Organics Health Food Store in Los Angeles."
- San Francisco Chronicle

    Zion Health Inc.; Pace-setting Natural Remedies manufacturer makes celebrated
     line of Whole Body Clay detox remedies available to Local Health Food stores
     in Hollywood, California. - more

"Mud Harnessed to Fight Infections"
- Alan Mozes - Health Day News

Researchers searched world, found 3 clays that beat back toughest germs.
    It looks like dirt might one day be better than soap at keeping harmful bacteria at bay.
    Arizona scientists report they have found a host of anti-microbial minerals in mud that could be
    the makings of a new generation of unconventional but effective creams to combat the nastiest germs.
    Increasingly dangerous antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" -- such as methicillin-resistant
    Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) -- are the primary targets of these new medicinal clay cocktails, the researchers said - more

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