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Many Uses of Clay


Native Indian and African tribes used clay for treating stomach ulcers, insect bites, wounds, and digestive illness. Animals instinctively travel long distances searching for these magical earth minerals that give them important nutrients they cannot get from foods.
The minerals found in clay provide many benefits to people who choose to incorporate its use into their daily lives. The healing properties found in the trace minerals provide a wonderful, natural alternative to chemicals found in most manufactured products.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (Kanwa) is very useful for treating the following conditions:

Diarrhea and Constipation:

For Diarrhea:

  • Energy Tablets: Help Heal and Restore Balance; Directions: 1 tablet for every 50 pounds of weight. Consume immediately upon signs of distress; repeat directions every hour for four hours.
  • Always consult your doctor or physician before taking any supplements.

For Constipation:

  • Clay is not a laxative. Laxatives work by irritating mucous membranes, causing the colon to contract.
  • Clay does not irritate the muscles.

For Weight Control:

  • Clay expands in the stomach, making less room for food, and thereby relieves hunger pain. Clay will assist the assimilation of food. This may cut down on the intense need to eat, which may be a cause of malnourishment.
  • ENERGY contains essential trace minerals that help cleanse and energize cells. Consume 1 teaspoon of ENERGY on an empty stomach or tablets with an 8oz glass of water.
  • Do not skip out on good nutrition. Supplement your diet with organic fruits, nuts, beans, vegetables and protein.
  • High stress levels may contribute to excessive weight gain. Surround yourself with positive people and find ways to balance your spirit.


  • Clay helps build the gastrointestinal wall.
  • Consume Daily: ENERGY tablets or powder.
  • Clay is not a drug. Give the clay time to work. Consume consistently for 1-3 months and the results should be significant.

Liver Detox:

  • Clay can be a healing aid to a poorly functioning liver.
  • It works indirectly on the organ by cleansing toxins stored in the small intestines, large intestines, and colon.
  • If the bowels are not working right, waste matter will be continually reabsorbed into the blood stream. As a result, the liver is forced into doing extra work.
  • Consume Kanwa ENERGY tablets or powder to help prevent toxic overload.

Liver Detox:

  • Allergies are caused by the release of histamines.
  • Clay neutralized allergens before they can attach themselves to the blood cells.
  • Consume Daily: ENERGY tablets or powder.

Hepatitis or Cirrhosis:

  • For one week, if possible consume distilled water and fruits and vegetables only. Check with your doctor before you consider fasting.
  • Consume three teaspoons of ENERGY with an 8oz glass of water per day in addition to following a doctor- recommended program.

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